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[EN] The Medicines Patent Pool on the Inclusion of its Licensed Antiretrovirals on the World Health Organization’s New Essential Medicines List

[EN] The Medicines Patent Pool Publishes Analysis of Projected Savings of its Licensing Agreements in Peer-Reviewed Journal

El Medicines Patent Pool y Pharco Pharmaceuticals firman una licencia para el ravidasvir, un medicamento prometedor para la hepatitis C

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(EN) MPP-WHO event – Forecasts vs. Reality: Are we on Course?

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(EN) Opening remarks by Dr. Ren Minghui (WHO) at MPP-WHO joint event

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(EN) MPP’s Winter Newsletter

The MPP publishes its February 2017 newsletter featuring an update on its last six months of progress.

(EN) Invitation to submit interest in a sub-licence for sutezolid

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(EN) The MPP Intervention on Intellectual Property, 39th Meeting of the UNAIDS Programme Coordinating Board, December 7, 2016

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