A Message from the Expert Advisory Group

As members of the Expert Advisory Group of the Medicines Patent Pool, we endorse all the words of support and recognition for Ellen ‘t Hoen and her leadership of the Medicines Patent Pool. In her role as Executive Director, Ellen transformed a brave idea into a great project. Ellen had long played an essential role in raising awareness of the need for access to medicines; she also led crucial efforts towards delivering this access. Under EllenĀ“s direction, the Medicines Patent Pool managed to negotiate several important license agreements, while also earning the support of key international institutions and community organizations. Thanks to Ellen’s energy and commitment, the Medicines Patent Pool is now a strong institution with solid foundations that will continue to work for the improvement of public health through access to medicines.

We thank Ellen wholeheartedly for her hard work, and also for the energy and good spirit she brought to it. We look forward to her continued collaboration and advice as the Medicines Patent Pool builds upon the objectives and principles she helped establish.

For the Expert Advisory Group of the Medicines Patent Pool:

Labeeb Abboud
Jonathan Berger
Alexandra Calmy
Shing Chang
Carlos Correa
Nelson Juma Otwoma
Eun-Joo Min
Lita Nelsen
Achal Prabhala
Maximilliano Santa Cruz

This message is in response to the recent announcement by Charles Clift that the Medicines Patent Pool’s executive director Ellen ‘t Hoen will be departing the organisation on 1 May.

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