Final Recommendations for the roundtable discussions to EU-Africa Summit Leaders

Health and Pharmaceutical; promoting growth, innovation and access to healthcare and pharmaceuticals through EU-Africa Business Cooperation, including local production of generic medicines in Africa

Final recommendations for the roundtable discussions to EU-Africa Summit Leaders: 1 April 2014

The EU-Africa Business Forum recommends:

1. AU – EU political commitment at the summit to take immediate action, in coordination with WHO, to ban substandard medicines causing health risks:

a. setting up rigorous product quality testing, pharmacovigilance systems and regional bioequivalence centers;

b. implementation of the African Medicines Regulatory Harmonization program (AMRH) and establishment of the African Medicines Regulatory Agency (AMA).

Immediate political commitment is needed from country health authorities to agree on necessary resources on national, regional or pan-African level.

2. All governments criminalizing counterfeiting of medicines, by e.g. implementing national and regional laws or sign the MEDICRIME Convention[1]

3. Increase EU-African collaboration on universal health coverage alongside those countries that mobilized resources towards the Abuja commitment of 15% of her national budget for health.

4. Create a Europe-Africa discussion forum for the understanding of the 3 dimensions of HS: Building Blocks, Health Programs and Performance Drivers.

5. Develop sound national and regional investment policies and create Infrastructure Investment Fund that boosts local private sector participation in infrastructure delivery, and promotes PPP in this area.

6. European Union to support the African Union in the implementation of the Business Plan of the Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Plan for Africa (PMPA BP), and to actively promote business linkages and partnerships between Europe and Africa, inter alia, through joint ventures, technology transfers, voluntary licensing and patent pooling, in order to enhance local production, local innovation, and increased access to medicines.

7. EU and African Union to support countries in developing reliable demand forecasting models of key drugs and vaccines, that will drive economies of scale and market size necessary for local production.


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