Expressions of Interest

Invitation to Sub-License

The MPP is not currently inviting Expressions of Interest.

Submission Instructions

The goals of the EOI process are: (i) to inform applicants of the availability of sub-licences in a fair and transparent manner; and (ii) to help MPP understand how sub-licensees will further MPP’s mission of improving access to quality, safe, efficacious, more appropriate and affordable medicines, especially those covered under the licence in question.

Respondents to the EOI are encouraged to provide as much detail as possible to help MPP understand whether, and to what extent, a sub-licence granted to them will help improve access to appropriate HIV and HCV medicines in low- and middle-income countries covered in the sub-licence through reducing prices and/or adding capacity.

Among other criteria, MPP will consider the applicant’s state of readiness with needed formulations including fixed-dose combinations, experience in developing and manufacturing quality assured medicines in a timely fashion, regulatory compliance and capacity, manufacturing capacity, and distribution in respective territories, for granting sub-licenses.

In its assessment of EOIs, MPP follows an objective and non-discriminatory process. The MPP also takes into account the sustainability of the market.

In line with MPP’s mandate to promote local manufacturing in developing countries, qualified manufacturers that aim to service demand in a limited region or select countries are also encouraged to apply.

Please note that the MPP will keep any commercial and/or technical information in confidence and will not disclose it or use it for any purpose other than for the assessment of the Expression of Interest without your prior consent.

Please write to gro.looptnetapsenicidemnull@ioe for any clarification.

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