The MPP in the News

Over the past several years, leading publications from around the world have covered the work of the Medicines Patent Pool. Below is a selection of articles.

Select news articles about the MPP:


26 January 2017, Voice of America
Interview of MPP’s general counsel about implications of new TB licence for Africa


28 November 2016, Reuters
Mylan signs sub-license agreement with the Medicines Patent Pool to produce and market DAKLINZA tablets to 112 countries

19 September 2016, Le Temps
Les Objectifs de développement durables sont une chance pour les entreprises suisses

5 October 2016, TB Online
Medicines Patent Pool announces MedsPaL: its new Medicines Patents & Licences Database

20 June 2016, The New York Times
New strategies to fight AIDS – Letter to the editor from MPP’s Executive Director

16 June 2016, EFPIA Blog
Voluntary Patent Pooling: Encouraging Rapid Scale-Up of Medicines for Resource-Limited Countries

01 April 2016, Generics Bulletin
Medicines Patent Pool has potential for wider scope


18 December 2015, Health24
New agreement could help end ARV stock outs

03 December 2015, PharmaBiz
The Medicines Patent Pool inks pact with the University of Liverpool to develop HIV nanomedicines

23 November 2015, Bloomberg
Bristol-Myers Lets Low-Income Countries Copy Hepatitis C Pills 

Fall issue, Global Health and Diplomacy
Global Innovative Financing for the Next Decade –  Greg Perry and Philippe Douste-Blazy

01 September 2015, The Lancet HIV
Ensuring new medicines reach those in most need – Esteban Burrone, Greg Perry

01 July 2015, The Times of India
MPP doubles its generic partners, adds more domestic drug firms

25 February 2015, Voice of America
Generic Form of Pediatric HIV Drug OK’d

24 February 2015, Reuters
Merck places children’s HIV drug in shared non-profit patent pool

24 February 2015,  The Wall Street Journal – Pharmalot
Pharmalot, Pharmalittle: We’re Reading About Novartis, Lilly, Merck and Lots More!!

24 February 2015, Devex
New deal allows generics makers license to sell HIV drug



01 December 2014, Reuters
AbbVie adds children’s AIDS drugs to shared patent pool

24 July 2014, Intellectual Property Watch
New Medicines Patent Pool-Gilead Agreement For New HIV Drug In 112 Countries

18 July 2014, The Hindu
Medicines Patent Pool inks pact with 7 firms for anti-AIDS drugs

17 June 2014, The Washington Post
Trying to produce drugs appropriate for children with HIV

17 June 2014, Voice of America News
Radio interview with Greg Perry on Africa News Today (listen to 22:30 min)

19 May 2014, Intellectual Property Watch
New Initiative To Address Lack Of Paediatric-Specific HIV Treatments

24 April 2014, Intellectual Property Watch
One Year On At The Medicines Patent Pool: Interview With Greg Perry

01 April 2014, Reuters
GSK’s ViiV unit adds new HIV drug to AIDS patent pool

16 January 2014,  Journal of Public Health Policy
A quiet revolution in global public health: The World Health Organization’s Prequalification of Medicines Programme  



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31 July 2012, The Economic Times
Hetero Labs to produce Gilead’s HIV drugs, through Medicines Patent Pool

“The Obama administration should do all that it can to promote the Medicines Patent Pool, a bold initiative to bring down prices of HIV medicines.”
Rep Henry Waxman (D, California), op-ed in Politico, 25 July 2012.

25 July 2012, Politico
More work needs to be done on HIV

9 March 2012, Huffington Post
Can Patent Pools Get More AIDS Drugs to Patients?

1 March 2012, Economic Times of India
Big pharma companies must allow generic firms to sell cheap HIV drugs to poor nations

24 February 2012, Intellectual Property Watch
The Pulse of IP in International Pharma Today

The Medicines Patent Pool has given an additional kick to companies to look at what they could improve. And following the creation of the Pool, companies have been signing more licence agreements, with more products, and to more countries.”
Peter Beyer, senior advisor in the Department of Public Health, Innovation, and Intellectual Property at the World Health Organization, in Intellectual Property Watch, 24 February 2012.


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13 October 2011, Nature Biotechnology
Gilead donates patents for generics

11 October 2011, Reuters
Aurobindo uses patent pool for generic AIDS drugs

22 July 2011, SCRIP Intelligence
ViiV’s licensing talks with Medicines Patent Pool progressing towards a deal

21 July 2011, The New York Times
Sharing Patents to Wipe Out AIDS

21 July 2011, Intellectual Property Watch Inside Views
Corporate Self-Interest And Strategic Choices: Gilead Licenses To Medicines Patent Pool

13 July 2011, Nature News
First drug company to dive into the HIV patent pool may help others take the plunge

13 July 2011, Financial Times
Gilead agrees to ease HIV patents

12 July 2011, Intellectual Property Watch
Medicines Patent Pool Boosts HIV Drug Prospects With First Licence

12 July 2011, New York Times
Company Agrees to Share AIDS and Hepatitis Drugs With Patent Pool

8 June 2011, Intellectual Property Watch
Drug Access Issues In Spotlight At UN High-Level Meeting On HIV, WIPO Event

14 February 2011, Spicy IP
Medicines Patent Pool in talks with Big Pharma

10 February 2011, The Guardian
Big Pharma shows willingness to pool HIV and Aids drug patents

…the determined bunch of people who have got the patent pool for AIDS drugs up and running are not only quietly working away, but getting results”
– Sarah Boseley, The Guardian, 10 February 2011

21 January 2011, Scrip Intelligence
Big pharma “needs to play ball” after Washington backs AIDS patent pool
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20 January 2011, Pharmalot
US Tells the WHO to Support a Patent Pool

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