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The MPP in the News

The work of the Medicines Patent Pool has been written about in leading publications around the world. Below is a selection of publications related to the Pool’s key achievements, as well as a selection of interviews with MPP staff and statements from governments, intergovernmental organisations and civil society on key MPP achievements.

Select news articles about the Pool:


17 June 2014, The Washington Post:
Trying to produce drugs appropriate for children with HIV

24 April 2014, Intellectual Property Watch:
One Year On At The Medicines Patent Pool: Interview With Greg Perry

01 April 2014, Reuters
GSK’s ViiV unit adds new HIV drug to AIDS patent pool

31 July 2012, The Economic Times:
Hetero Labs to produce Gilead’s HIV drugs, through Medicines Patent Pool

“The Obama administration should do all that it can to promote the Medicines Patent Pool, a bold initiative to bring down prices of HIV medicines.”
Rep Henry Waxman (D, California), op-ed in Politico, 25 July 2012.

25 July 2012, Politico:
More work needs to be done on HIV

9 March 2012, Huffington Post:
Can Patent Pools Get More AIDS Drugs to Patients?

1 March 2012, Economic Times of India:
Big pharma companies must allow generic firms to sell cheap HIV drugs to poor nations

24 February 2012, Intellectual Property Watch:
The Pulse of IP in International Pharma Today

The Medicines Patent Pool has given an additional kick to companies to look at what they could improve. And following the creation of the Pool, companies have been signing more licence agreements, with more products, and to more countries.”
Peter Beyer, senior advisor in the Department of Public Health, Innovation, and Intellectual Property at the World Health Organization, in Intellectual Property Watch, 24 February 2012.

13 October 2011, Nature Biotechnology:
Gilead donates patents for generics

11 October 2011, Reuters:
Aurobindo uses patent pool for generic AIDS drugs

22 July 2011, SCRIP Intelligence:
ViiV’s licensing talks with Medicines Patent Pool progressing towards a deal

21 July 2011, The New York Times:
Sharing Patents to Wipe Out AIDS

21 July 2011, Intellectual Property Watch Inside Views:
Corporate Self-Interest And Strategic Choices: Gilead Licenses To Medicines Patent Pool

13 July 2011, Nature News:
First drug company to dive into the HIV patent pool may help others take the plunge

13 July 2011, Financial Times:
Gilead agrees to ease HIV patents

12 July 2011, Intellectual Property Watch:
Medicines Patent Pool Boosts HIV Drug Prospects With First Licence

12 July 2011, New York Times:
Company Agrees to Share AIDS and Hepatitis Drugs With Patent Pool

8 June 2011, Intellectual Property Watch:
Drug Access Issues In Spotlight At UN High-Level Meeting On HIV, WIPO Event

14 February 2011, Spicy IP:
Medicines Patent Pool in talks with Big Pharma

10 February 2011, The Guardian:
Big Pharma shows willingness to pool HIV and Aids drug patents

…the determined bunch of people who have got the patent pool for AIDS drugs up and running are not only quietly working away, but getting results”
- Sarah Boseley, The Guardian, 10 February 2011

21 January 2011, Scrip Intelligence:
Big pharma “needs to play ball” after Washington backs AIDS patent pool
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20 January 2011, Pharmalot:
US Tells the WHO to Support a Patent Pool

15 December 2010, SCRIP Intelligence:

10 pharma CEOs called on to join AIDS medicines patent pool

5 November 2010, Intellectual Property Watch:
Sharing US Drug Patents with Neglected Patients: A Scientist’s View

5 October 2010, British Medical Journal:
First antiretroviral patent in global drug pool puts pressure on companies to follow suit

4 October 2010, New York Times:
H.I.V.: National Institutes of Health Licenses Its Patent on a New Drug for AIDS

30 September 2010, SCRIP Intelligence:
US support of AIDS patent pool puts pressure on big pharma

30 September 2010, Reuters:
NIH joins patent pool for AIDS drugs

8 June 2010, Intellectual Property Watch:
UNITAID-Backed Patent Pool Final; Drug Licence Talks Can Begin

21 December 2009, British Medical Journal:
New HIV drug patent pool “offers hope to millions”

15 December 2009, Forbes:
AIDS in Africa – Progress On AIDS Plan

15 December 2009, Reuters:
Sida – vers la mise en commun de brevets de médicaments pour les pays pauvres

15 December 2009, The Guardian:
Unitaid approves patent pool to reduce cost of HIV drugs

21 April 2009, British Medical Journal:
Patent pools: an idea whose time has come


6 December 2010, Nature Medicine:
Straight Talk with Ellen ‘t Hoen
; also available in PDF

10 July 2009, Intellectual Property Watch:
How to Avert the Coming Drug Access Crisis

Statements from governments, IGOs and civil society

2012, Health Action International:
Johnson & Johnson rejection of the Medicines Patent Pool: what will the ATMi say now?

1 December 2011, the Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility:
The Medicines Patent Pool: A Powerful Strategy for “Getting to Zero”

1 December 2011, National Empowerment Network of People Living with HIV in Kenya (NEPHAK):
NEPHAK Calls on J&J, Merck and Abbott to Join the Medicines Patent Pool and Countries and Donors to honour their commitment to the Global Fund [pdf]

17 November 2011, Treatment Action Campaign, Treatment Action Group, HIV i-Base, European AIDS Treatment Group and Section 27 joint statement:
We Need the Patent Pool

14 October 2011, UNAIDS:
Medicines Patent Pool helps make antiretroviral medicines more widely available

12 July 2011, The White House, Office of Science and Technology Policy:
Medicines Patent Pool Agreement with Gilead a Key Milestone

12 July 2011, HealthGAP:
Press Statement: Medicines Patent Pool [doc]

9 June 2011, Margaret Chan, Executive Director of WHO:
Introductory remarks at the 2011 High-level meeting on AIDS

27 May 2011, The G8 Summit of Deauville, France:
Group of 8 Declaration

30 September 2010, White House:
US Government First to Share Patents with Medicines Patent Pool

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