Tuberculosis (TB) is a global pandemic affecting 9.6 million people worldwide. In 2014 TB caused 1.5 million deaths and it is among the leading causes of death for people living with HIV.

The World Health Organization’s post-2015 Global TB Strategy sets ambitious targets aimed at reducing TB deaths by 95% between 2015 and 2035 to end TB. In order to meet these targets, the global health community has to improve access to safer and affordable treatment regimens for TB and in particular for multidrug-resistant TB.

The MPP is working to ensure access to new treatments for multi-resistant and drug-susceptible TB. Similar to its role in HIV, the MPP has signed a licensing agreement with the Johns Hopkins University for the clinical development of drug candidate sutezolid. Product developer TB Alliance signed a sublicensing agreement regarding sutezolid in March 2017. The MPP seeks partnerships with patent holders of a number of new medicines for multi-resistant TB and will negotiate voluntary public health-oriented licences. MPP is also exploring the licensing of TB drugs in late stages of development. 


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