Staffing and Governance

The Medicines Patent Pool is a Swiss foundation created in Geneva on 16 July 2010.

The MPP comprises:

Governance Board
Expert Advisory Group
The Team

The MPP’s goals and governance procedures are outlined in its statutes, which are available in English and French here [pdf]. The duties of the Governance Board and the Expert Advisory Group and their relationship with the MPP are encoded in the Medicines Patent Pool By-Laws . The MPP aims to operate in a transparent and accountable manner, in accordance with our transparency policy.

As a part of this transparency policy, decisions from Governance Board meetings are made publicly available on the MPP’s website.

UNITAID, the innovative financing mechanism dedicated to scaling-up the treatment of AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria, decided to work to create a patent pool for medicines in December 2009.  Since 2010, UNITAID provided funding for the MPP under a five-year Memorandum of Understanding renewed in 2016 for additional five years. In December 2014 the UNITAID Executive Board approved MPP’s proposal to extend its work on HIV patent licensing to 2020.

Ethics framework & Related Policies

All MPP staff, members of the Governance Board and members of the Expert Advisory Group are bound to comply with the Whistleblower Policy, Conflict of Interest Policy, Private Investments Policy, Gifts Policy and Code of Ethics.

Any third party may bring suspected violations of these Policies to the MPP Compliance Officer at gro.looptnetapsenicidemnull@ecnailpmoc.

Pro Bono Legal Services

The Medicines Patent Pool recognises and appreciates the pro bono legal services provided by Dechert LLP, Rajeshwari & Associates, Robins, Kaplan, Miller & Ciresi, and Davis Polk & Wardwell.

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