Pool EAG/Board Expansion

On 6 April 2012, the chair of the Pool Board sent an invitation to communities [pdf] asking them to put forward candidates for the new EAG and Board positions. The Medicines Patent Pool continues to seek nominations from the communities for experts they feel can offer the kind of knowledge and experience the Pool needs in its governing bodies. The Board will add one new member and the EAG will add two new experts.

Nominations will be accepted until the deadline of 10 May 2012. Nomination forms and background documents are available below. Courtesy translations of the chair’s letter are available in Spanish [pdf] and French [pdf].

For the Expert Advisory Group:

For the Board:

Relevant background documents for this process include:

For more on how the Pool operates internally, please see the page on Governance. For more on the work of the Pool, see “How it works” and “HIV/AIDS needs.”